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Bike Fit Physio is dedicated to improving the understanding and achievement of optimal cyclist positioning in order to promote maximal comfort and performance while remaining injury free. We aim to achieve these goals by offering...

Continuing Education Seminars

Full Day seminars for Health Care Professionals and Coaches

This seminar is directed to all health care professionals and coaches who work with clients involved in cycling, or those who have an interest in cycling themselves. It is the primary goal of this seminar that having completed it, you will immediately be able to offer more effective treatment to cyclists and triathletes who have a primary or secondary complaint that is related to the time they spend cycling.

Individual Bike Fitting

Dynamic Motion Capture Bike Fit with professional quality and attention to detail

Whether you want to cruise more comfortably on your commuter, or shred up the course in your next triathlon, Bike Fit Physio can help you achieve your goals. We offer individualized Bike Fitting to all levels of cyclist and will work closely with you to improve your comfort and performance while helping you remain injury free.

Bike Fit Physio coordinator is:
Murray Tough   B.A.,B.P.H.E., BSc.PT, MSc
Physiotherapist, F.I.S.T. and Serotta certified bike fitter.
Member of Serotta International Cycling Institute
Award winning educator while faculty member of Queen's University's School of Rehabilitation Therapy.
A lifelong runner and a triathlete for over 20 years.